Any template variable for "From" in email correspondance?


In running our upgraded RT2 install (from the dark ages of RT1), we have
encountered a missing ability from RT1. With email correspondence in RT1,
we always saw the email headers of the original message (before RT got a
hold of it) at the bottom of the message.

With RT2, that header section has gone away (which is fine by me, BTW),
however it’s hard to keep track in the course of correspondence who the
original sender was in case we wanted to contact them directly for some
reason (w/o having to head to WebRT every time) So I was thinking about
adding a template where RT included the sender of the message’s email
address in the first line of the messages (like “Sent from:”) which would
preserve the integrity of the message headers for responses, and yet allow
those to quickly identify and cut and paste the email address for direct
communication if we so desire.

So - Is there a function in RT that takes the sender and makes it a variable
that I can pass to a template?

Best Wishes - Peter | ISC | OpenPGP 0xE8048D08 | “The bits must flow”