Any one done this before?


working with RT right now and tying to add some things to it. all our
customers open tickets via email and not the web url. The problem I am
having is a single customer might have 5-10 email addresses. All these
need to be created under a single user so they can view stuff via the
web page.

What I have done so far is set up an exteranl lookup that just does
matching. It says if it comes from email address Y then assign the
$CurrentUser to X. This part works fine and the ticket gets inserted as
user X.

Well now they want it so that when the ticket is created the notify goes
not only to the owner of the new ticket but CC’s the first email address
it was sent in under (before the extrenal lookup) . I am having a
problem carrying the CC all the way through the ticket create. Has
anyone done something simular to this?




Try the external-users contrib package. It contains a localuseradmin
script that will do the mappings that you desire. Creating a ticket with
the cc being the original e-mail address offers one clunky solution that
you modify GetCurrentUser to pass back a modified head object that now has
the old e-mail address in the CC field. Part of doing this would to have
LookupExternalUserInfo return OriginalEmailAddress => $orig in the