Another permissions question

Well, actually two questions :slight_smile:

I am setting up RT in a medium sized company with in
excess of 20 queues. I believe in total transparency
and, as customer tickets can reside in the majority of
these queues, I don’t want to ‘hide’ queues from
’staff’ users.

Also, we want customers to be able to submit & track
their own tickets via the Self-Service interface but
want diferent groups of customers to see different
queues - based on what type of customer they are. So,
the two questions are:

1: For Self-Service customer users, how do I
explicitely state which queues they can see on a per
User basis? At the moment the See Queue priv can be
granted to All non-staff users on a global basis. I
want to group unprivileged users in some way. Is this

2: For staff users, the Home Page “x newest unowned
tickets” shows all new tickets in the system,
system-wide. Ideally I would like to associate
users/groups with specific queues which they are
responsible for picking up new tickets from. I guess
this is a kind of ‘Works Queue’ privilege. Id this
feasible without code changes using some clever
combination of priviliges?

Thanks in advance

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