Announcing RTIR 1.0rc1

I’m pleased to announce that the first release candidate of RT for
Incident Response version 1.0 is now available.

RTIR is an enterprise-grade incident handling system designed with the
needs of CERT teams and other incident-response teams in mind.

RTIR’s front end has been specifically designed to let IR teams get
their job done more quickly and with less hassle. It provides crucial
reporting and search functionality to automate the generation of the
most common kinds of reports that IR teams need.

RTIR makes it easy to track incident reports, incidents,
investigations and blocks. Users can follow all the entries in a given
thread, or can track separate but related threads all about a given
incident. Users can also track incident-specific “metadata”, such as
an incident’s type or its response time requirements.

RTIR is available for immediate download from:

Improvements since Beta 1 include easier installation and
configuration, improved reporting and scripted action features, and
support for setting due dates in accordance with response time

A closed list for Incident Response Team staff members is available.
For subscription information, see:
  • Linda