Announcing Hosted RT with Gossamer Host

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Gossamer Host to
provide a managed hosting platform for Request Tracker. Gossamer has
been developing applications in Perl since 1995. The Gossamer staff
has developed a fast and powerful platform to run RT and know how to
keep RT running well for you – they’ve been using it themselves
since 2001.

Key Features of Hosted RT with Gossamer Host

Performance: Gossamer’s servers were developed and built by Perl
developers. They have years of experience running demanding Perl
applications, and have mod_perl setup the way it should be. They will
keep your RT installation running smoothly.

Managed Service: All of Gossamer’s plans are on fully managed
servers that include regular updates, security patches, and 24x7x365
monitoring. Not only is the server monitored, but they will monitor
at the application level to ensure RT is running properly.

Single Point of Support: If anything is wrong with your RT
installation, whether it is hardware or software, Gossamer will take
care of it immediately. Their staff are also experts in Perl, and are
available for enhancements and customization of RT.

Scalable: Gossamer can upgrade or downgrade your RT installation
seamlessly, letting it grow as your needs grow.

Full Access to Source: You will have full access to the source of
your RT installation, as well as full access to your RT mod_perl
server and SQL database.

Anti Virus/Anti Spam: All of Gossamer’s plans support anti-virus and
anti-spam filtering technologies to ensure you don’t spend your time
dealing with spam.

Request Tracker Hosting Plans

Gossamer offers four different hosting plans for RT. If you are
unsure of what would be the best fit for you, please contact them
with the details on how you plan to use RT.

Bronze – $125 a month

  • For companies processing up to 500 tickets per month
  • Shared Server – Dual AMD Opteron Server, 4 GB of RAM, 73 GB RAID 1
    Drives, 64 bit Linux

Silver – $350 a month

  • For companies processing up to 1000 tickets per month
  • Dedicated Server – Single AMD Opteron Server, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB Drives

Gold – $800 a month

  • For companies processing up to 5000 tickets per month
  • Dedicated Server – Dual AMD Opteron Server, 4 GB of RAM, 73 GB
    RAID 1 Drives, 64 bit Linux

Platinum – $3250 a month

  • Unlimited tickets per month
  • Custom Cluster – please contact Gossamer for more information

Special Promotions

Gossamer Threads is offer the following promotions on all new hosted
RT installations:

  • Installation of the latest version of RT and one hour of
    consultation included
  • Free copy of RT Essentials
  • 30-day money back guarantee

For more information on Gossamer Threads services and pricing for RT,
please visit their website at
request_tracker.html or contact us directly at
RT-Announce mailing list