ANNOUNCE: Asset Tracker 2.0 beta 1

RT Community,

Asset Tracker 2.0.0b1 is now available:

Thanks to the support of KUEHNE+NAGEL and RT evangelist Torsten Brumm,
Asset Tracker (AT) has it’s first release in 4 years. This is a beta
release. We think we have most of the bugs worked out but need the
community’s support in kicking the tires.

What is Asset Tracker?

Asset Tracker is an RT add-on that adds asset tracking to RT. If you
are comfortable with RT you will be right at home with AT. In AT
individual assets are organized into asset types. AT uses RT’s custom
fields, has a smilar scrips system for automation, and a similar
search interface with support for saved searches.

What’s new in AT version 2?

  • AT uses the RT plugin system introduced in RT 3.8. This makes AT
    easy to install and remove.
  • Support for permanent database remove of assets and related objects
    has been added to RT’s shredding system.
  • The RT home screen can now be customized with AT saved searches.
  • Relationships between assets can now be visualized as a graph.
  • RT’s scrips system has been copied, making it easier to write
    automation routines that run as a result of asset changes.
  • Assets can now be exported to Excel, edited, and re-imported. New
    assets can also be created during import, so it’s possible for network
    discovery tools to be integrated with AT in interesting ways. (While
    this is working well for us so far, we could use some help testing.
    The input file format is very strict.)


I you have questions, want to make suggestions, or participate in AT
development, please join our Google group:


-Todd Chapman