ANNOUNCE: Asset Tracker 1.2.1

Asset Tracker (AT) is an extension to Request Tracker (RT), from Best Practical ( ). It is designed to keep track of assets such as: servers, switches, desktops, or anything else. If you understand RT, AT should feel very natural. AT uses RT’s custom fields system and has a similar query interface.

You can try AT by going to:

The current version of AT is 1.2.1 and can be downloaded here (uploaded August 18th 2005)

CHANGES for 1.2.1:

* Added patch for RT 3.4.3
* Make sorting of users more friendly to finding by keyboard.
* Alphabetically sort the displayable custom fields.
* Sort saved searches by description.
* Made search-by-any-customfield work.
* Fixed IP searching.
* If there is only one result for SimpleSearch the asset is automatically displayed.
* Use the correct perl.
* Fixed problem with image/file uploads.

The Subversion repository is currently at svn://