Allow groups to view only owned tickets


Is it possible to restrict groups or users to viewing only tickets that these groups are in certain custom role in?

For example, I’ve set up a CustomRole “Client” in queue “support”. I have two UserDefined groups, “Comp1” and “Comp2”. I want members of group “Comp1” to be able to see those and only those tickets that have “Comp1” set in their “Client” CustomRole.

The amount of UserDefined groups is constantly growing, so creating a personal queue for each client is not an option. Perharps this can be somehow set up with ACLs or custom scrips? Custom ACLs even, if there’s such a thing?


Yup, you need to figure where in RT you are granting the rights to view/edit tickets and remove those rights and instead grant them to the ticket role level!

Thanks a lot, it’s really close to what I was trying to do. Appreciate the quick answer, didn’t expect to get it on the same day as I posted the question :slight_smile: