All recipients box checked for One-time CC

I have several queues where we need the “One-time Cc:” combobox “All recipients” checked by default when using the Reply action in the ticket. Is this possible through creating a scrip or does this have to be adjusted elsewhere? Attached is a screenshot for reference.

We get tickets where we want everyone that is on the email thread to receive correspondence.

The scrip can’t affect that checkbox because they run after the transaction has been submitted. However if you always want the all recipients to get them you could ignore the checkbox and have a scrip that sends the email to everyone (an “On correspondence” action and a template that gets all the people you’re interested in added to the output).

Thanks for the helpful information. We want everyone on the original email thread to always receive an email on correspondence when we reply from the ticket.
What I’d like is to either have the checkbox selected by default for all the tickets in the queue. Or if that’s not possible, is to have everyone that might be cc’d on the original email to automatically be added as a Requestor.
I did notice that there are User Defined conditions but I haven’t seen too much documentation on how to code those conditions.

Well you can’t do either of those things with a scrip because as I said above scrips run after you’ve submitted the form.

You might be able to use a callback though, as those are run as the form is being built. The /Ticket/Elements/UpdateCc Mason component appears to have a callback called BeforeCc. THis looks to be passed references to the list of one time Ccs and the transaction addresses, so you might be able to write a callback that can hook in there and fill these with the values you want if the ticket is in a queue that you need this to happen for.

Ok, so scrips are out. I was trying to see if there were actions that could be created for this. I know each ticket has the People section to add watches. Is it possible to auto add everyone as a Requestor upon the form is submitted/transaction?
I’m not familiar with the Mason component? Can you point me to some documentation on callbacks? Thanks

Here’s the documentation for callbacks in the latest RT (but there have been callbacks in RT for years, so this isn’t a 5.x specific thing).

Effectively callbacks are points in the RT code where Best Practical have said to themselves, “Hmm, people might want to customise and tweak this bit here” and so they put in place a callback that you can hook in your own Mason code (Mason code being the Perl+HTML framework RT is based on). We’ve used them for all sorts of things here, from minor tweaking of arguments being passed around to inserting links to Microsoft Teams chat sessions for requestors of tickets.

The one I mentioned about is called just before the Cc form elements are generated, so looks like a prime spot for you to do the local customisation you want.