Agile / Scrum workflows

Hi all,

I’m wondering if there are any plugins / mods / etc that would allow
tickets to be viewed in an Agile / et al type style - in the same way that
GreenHopper does this for Jira. In fact if I could somehow get RT tickets
to talk to Greenhopper that might actually do…

Searching for RT & Agile / Greenhopper / jira / etc just returns results on
migrating, or articles comparing the two - but so far I haven’t found
anyone talking about whether it would be possible to make them talk at all.

Why do we have both?

We use Jira for software development - it’s tied to the version control
repository, and we build workflows that suit the style of project. And
request tracker for helpdesk tickets. But… it would be very nice if there
was a way to link the two in some way.