After upgrade 4 to 5, corresponce causes ticket to revert to original queue

We have upgraded from 4.4.4 to 5.0.2 and experience the following major difference in behaviour. Consider this scenario

  1. Original ticket is created in queue General in accordance with its email address

  2. Ticket is taken by RT user who moves it to their own queue.

3, RT user replies to ticket and sets status to resolved.

  1. Original requestor responds to RT user’s reply and the response is correctly appended to the original ticket but the owner is then reset to “unowned” and status to “open” and the original ticket with its appendage is moved back to the queue associated with its email address, in this case General.

Resolution: ticket and response should remain in the queue to which they were moved in step 2.

Hi Mark, the scrips in the queue remained the same? And aren’t there some new global scrips which you would not expect?