After RT Upgrade to 4.4.2 "Scrips and Recipients" blank on reply

This morning I upgraded RT from 4.2.12 to 4.4.2.

One item that is not working is the ability to un-check or even see the “Watchers” when replying or commenting on a ticket. The “Scrips and Recipients” block is empty. I’ve attached an image to demonstrate. The ticket I’m showing has 3 AdminCC watchers.

Since RT 4.4, data in section “Scrips and Recipients” is retrieved via an AJAX call, so I’m wondering if something blocked the AJAX call or the AJAX call failed somehow.

You can check if your web server’s access logs contain lines like “/Helpers/PreviewScrips” to determine if the AJAX call was made or not.

After making a backup of, I deleted my /opt/rt4 directory. I then went back into my install directory running.

make install

restored my Issues resolved itself. Magic!

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