Advice migrating from RT3.0.11 on Pg -> RT3.4 on Mysql


I am seeking some advice on migrating a legacy RT3.0.11 running on
Postgres to RT3.4.0 on Mysql.

My investigations so far tell me that migrating the DB contents natively
from Pg to Mysql will be very painful. That RT3.0.11 does not appear to
have a database dump utility and that RT3.4.0 has moved far enough along
to not have a clean migration path from 3.0 branches.

At the moment I am thinking that my only real option is as follows:

To achieve the last step I am going to have to modify the script
rt3-migrate-pg-to-mysql script to allow for the newer tables in RT

Can anyone advise a less traumatic upgrade path, It would be greatly