AdminCCs, Forward Delay?


I’m using RT 2.0.6 with sendmail 8.11.2 on a RH 7.1 box.

I’ve setup RT without any problems. But when I setup Queue Watchers and
elect them as AdminCCs so that they receive notifications for every new
tickets/comments they don’t get the mails right away. It take 20 minutes
to 4 hours for the mail to be sent. And it doesn’t sit in the queue…
my queue remains empty, it seems like RT takes a lot of time to forward
the mail.

Anyone might have a clue why? I’ve checked the logs, there is nothing
unusual. No error messages, I just had to add:

O DontBlameSendmail=ForwardFileInGroupWritableDirPath

to my to have the forwarding work correctly. But now the
mail is delayed…

Please, anyone can help? :slight_smile: