AdminCCs comments handled as correspondence


I have a RT 3.6.6 installation up and running, but am encountering the
following behaviour when trying to send comments via mailgate:

A user that belongs to a group that has CommentOnTicket rights, but is
not an AdminCC for the queue, sends a mail to,
the message is properly handled as a comment (comment related scrips
fire and all is good).

However, if the user is an AdminCC for the queue, then mail sent to for some reason gets handled as correspondence
instead of comment, and the scrips related to correspondence fire
meaning the requestor also gets the message, defeating the purpose of
the comment…

The AdminCCs can successfully comment on tickets using the web
interface, just not when sending mails via mailgate.

The queue-comment address is set up as an alias like the following:

queue-comment: “|/etc/smrsh/rt-mailgate --queue queue --action comment
–url http://localhost/

Everything I came across in the documentation (and Google) indicates
that AdminCC should be able to comment on tickets, with no restrictions
as to which interface they use…

Any ideas?