Admincc get notification by BCC


I studied more carefully the RT Essential book and RT online
resources… but I still have some doubts.

I’m guessing why RT send notification to the admincc only via BCC. What
is the real reason behind this behaviour?

I supposed the goal is to not to expose the mail address to CC,
requestors and other recips but if scrips are differents, different mail
are sent:

  • cc, requestors, other recips receive a Correspondence
  • admincc receive a Admin Correspondence

so the admincc could not be exposed to “externals”. Am I right? Can
someone explain me the reason behind that decision?

But on a scrips with action “Notify Owner, Requestors, CCs, and AdminCCs
as Comment” there is only one email, so the AdminCC should be “hided” to
not expose them… correct?

There are simple ways to switch that featurs and put all the "admincc"
in CC instead in BCC? I think that is a bit confusing if someone reply
to someone else and write “Please do this” but who receive it do not
know exactly who are the recipients of that email… Or am I wrong?