Admin CC on new Queue

Hi all

My first post! I have introduced RT to our organization and we are starting to get it up and running! We are using 4.4.1-3 (Debian).

We have successfully set up a new queue and all email coming in from a specific client is indeed making it into the right queue. However, we also want to add someone on as admin cc so they get a copy of everything coming in from this client.

I have tried to follow the article but everything I do results in the following error: An internal RT error has occurred. Your administrator can find more details in RT’s log files.

I have also checked and am not seeing the error - so I am a bit perplexed!

A Newbie

Can you provide the link of that article? Also, are you sure you’re in the right log? I didn’t have logging set up quite right at first, and would often find RT error messages in /var/log/messages. Have a look in there if you haven’t already.