Adjustments to the rt-addon "statusreport.html"

hi list,

i wonder if anybody can give me a hint how to adjust the rt-addon “statusreport.html”.
i’ve installed the statusreport and it works fine so far, but we would need to have the text of each ticket displayed.

by now i was just able to find out that the lines

my @attrs = qw( QueueObj->Name Subject TimeWorked OwnerObj->Name
CreatedObj->AsString ResolvedObj->AsString );

are the right place to take a look at.
since perl/mason are quite new to my, can anybody of you perl gurus out there give me a hand what to add to get the ticket-text displayed here ?

thanking you in advance

subshell GmbH
andreas wahlfeldt
Weidenallee 1
20357 Hamburg