AddReminder and OnOwnerChange condition


We have a custom scrip condition (see below) to detect when a ticket is
Given (not Taken) to a user to alert the user by e-mail (which contains
direct link to this ticket).

The problem is that adding a reminder to a ticket triggers this
condition and sends out an e-mail containing direct link to the empty
reminder ticket not to the actual ticket the reminder is about.

Is there any way to detect AddReminder and diferenciate it from common
SetOwner. It would even do if I were able to detect it inside a template
and just add a link to the correct ticket.

The scrip condition we use is:

my $transaction = $self->TransactionObj;
if (($transaction->Field eq ‘Owner’) && ($transaction->Type ne ‘Take’)
&& $transaction->Creator != 1){
return 1;
return 0;

Best regards,
Laas Toom