Addon to help manage replies?

Does anyone know of an add-on to help manage replies within RT? I’m looking
for something to “hide” the original email when someone replies to a ticket?

That way, when we view tickets it’s not 50 pages long and only 20 pages of
real replies, the other 30 just “original/reply” data.

If that’s not clear, this is an example:


My server is still offline…

We have rebooted your server, please check again.

My server is offline, can you please reboot?

That I’d like to see:

My server is still offline…

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There’s been recent discussion of attempt to cope with this on the list.
A careful search should come up with something. However, this can also
be solved in part through changing how you interact with RT: use the
non-quoting correspondence links at the top of the ticket display.

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