Adding the "Take" link into a Saved Search

The default RT At a glance includes the default search [_1] newest unowned tickets and it includes a convenient “Take” link which allows users to take ownership in one click. How can I add this “Take” link to a custom Saved Search because I want to build custom dashboards with this functionality but can’t get it to work.

My first step was to create a Saved Search that clones the Advanced settings from this default search

Query section: Owner = ‘Nobody’ AND Status = ‘Active
Format section:

However, my custom Saved Search does not include the “Take” link. It displays the tickets correctly and includes the same columns but will not display the “Take” link.

Any advice on how I can get this to work.

If you go to the query builder page you can see that ‘Take’ is a link type, in the advanced section it will look like this:

'<a href="__WebPath__/Ticket/Display.html?Action=Take&amp;id=__id__">Take</a>'

Think you can add it via the “Display Columns” section in the search builder. Pick a column and make the link type “Take”