Adding statused issue


in i have added new LifeCycle for adding new statused for the ticker. Then I have change in Queues to new Lifecycle wich in my case is orders. Problem is that when I try to create new ticket I still see some old statused and not new ones.

I am also attaching configuration part:

thank you!

Have you cleared the Mason cache and restarted your web server?

@GreenJimll, yes i did that and it is the same. I see only pending, processing and declined.

i recreated RT_Config file and is it still the same. RT and Apache have been restarted.

RT_Config or your local Hopefully the later!

The config fragment you posted seems to indicate from the transitions that you can never get to “returned”, “delivery” or “delivered” statuses. The transitions also have some duplicate states, and some non-existent states (eg “panding”). Its also missing some of the definition for the lifecycle (the initial, active, inactive and defaults sections).

@GreenJimll tnx. I also noticed this by selft and it is now fixed but still i am having same issue.
Can you check again this: if you see something that i do not see.

thank you!

You’ve still got actions that don’t match states you have elsewhere.

Do you see anything in your RT or web server logs when you clear the Mason cache, restart and then try to make a ticket in a queue with this custom lifecycle?

If this is based off of the example in the docs:

I think you should copy the example and make the changes again and just be sure if you change/remove/add a status to update it everywhere in the Lifecycles hash that needs updating.

@craig thank you! I manage to get it working!


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