Adding Status QuickCreate

Hello community,
I am trying to add the status value to the QuickCreate.

In the section /share/html/Elements/QuickCreation I have added the code:

<&|/l&>Status:<& /Elements/SelectStatus, Default => $args->{Status$ % my $default_status = $args->{Status}

With this code, the status drop-down has been displayed in the QuickCreate dashboard. But the drop-down is empty, the different available status do not come out. Could you help me in the missing code so that the different status appear?


Sorry, forgive part of the code did not appear:

td class=“label”><&|/l&>Status</&>:

<& /Elements/SelectStatus, Default => $args->{Status$
select type=“select” name=“Status”>
% my $default_status = $args->{Status}


The correct code is:

td class=“label”><&|/l&>Status</&>:

<& /Ticket/Elements/SelectStatus, Name => ‘Status’, Default => $args->{Status} &>