Adding section to index.html in RT2

I’m using RT 2.0.11 quite happily. We’re going to go to 3.0, sometime in
the future, but now is not the time. :slight_smile:

Today I changed index.html to include a new section. I copied
/Elements/MyTickets to /Elements/MyStalled, changed the status it’s
searching for to stalled, and viola! I have a new section that shows me
my stalled tickets. Much less likely they’ll fall through the cracks now.

If that’s not enough for everyone else to make this change, I can help
you. Please don’t reply personally, I’ll likely miss your message.

OK, that works fine, but now I want something different.

I want to see the tickets with Nobody as the owner in a fourth section
in index.html. The catch is, I want to only display those in one queue.
Has anyone done this?

Thanks in advance!

Russ Johnson
Stargate Online