Adding permanent Cc functionality when replying to a ticket

Hi everyone,
I have to modify RT to be able to add permanent Ccs to a ticket when adding correspondence (replying). To do this, I’m looking into modifying the UpdateCc file, and I’m unsure of how to proceed. I know that one-time ccs are already baked in to RT, but how do I add a new field that will add users permanently as a cc on a ticket? I know how to add the UI for the new field, but the functionality is confusing. Where are Ccs added exactly? I know I can put the new field into a callback, but when is that fired? Is there another way to do this that would work better?

Hudson Finn
Automatic Distrubutors
IT dept.

Hi Hudson

Is that not in the “People” portlet on the ticket, where you can add a new watcher as a cc? Or am I misunderstanding what youre trying to do


That does work, but we want to make it so people can add Ccs right from the reply page without tabbing over to the people page.

Anyone have any ideas?

Do you have a “Jumbo” tab, with all (or most) of the editable fields in one page? It seems to be at share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html in my (rt5) install.

Yeah the jumbo tab exists.

You can do that in the people section of metadata on the ticket page.

But yes, i think it can be a greed feature to have something more “intuitive”. If the “temporary CC, Bcc” become a list of definitive “To, Cc, Bcc”. Something more natural to work like a webmail.