Adding more buttons to the RichText editor

Based on my old documentation I see that I only need to overwrite the file config.js and place it in the local folder under the same hierarchy.


And that work for me for RT version 4.X.

But after a fresh install of RT 5 I’m having problem to add the BiDi buttons to the tool bar,
I can move the buttons, and reorder them, and add other buttons, but not the Bidi and some other like the JustifyXYZ.

I was thinking it because the ckeditor version which it bundled with RT is missing the BiDi plugins,
but even after extracting the FULL ckeditor package plugins folder to the above folder, that didn’t help.

Any help will be appreciated.

I tested real quick ( Disabled cache on FF in the dev tool network tab ) by downloading the BiDi plugin into local/static/RichText/plugins and changing local/static/RichText/config.js to include config.extraPlugins = 'bidi'; and I see the buttons in RT.

I do know ckeditor can be cached rather aggressively by some browsers so that could be an issue

Yes, we’ve definitely seen browser side caching being an issue when tweaking the editor setup in RT5. You need to somehow flush the browser cache (or use an “incognito” mode) as well as flushing the Mason cache on the server.

This extra line did the trick for me, config.extraPlugins = 'bidi';

After adding it to the config.js I stared to see 404 errors in the logs for trying to load the bidi plugin, seems like for some reason the package WAS NOT bundled in the full package, event when I created a customized version the bidi plugin was not included in it.

So I went to the Github repo and download the bidi plugin folder directly from there,
and that did the trick for me.

Thank you :pray: