Adding files to /opt/rt3/local/html/CustLtr

I have written a scrip that creates a PDF and places it in /opt/rt3/local/html/CustLtr/{ticnum}ltr.pdf

My intent was to create a custom field and place a link to this file and have it clickable.

The problem I am running into is when I click the link I get the following:
’<%’ without matching ‘%>’ at /opt/rt3/local/html/CustLtr/4183_ltr.pdf line 335I have tried editing /etc/httpd/conf.d/rt-ssl.confby adding: <Location /CustLtr> SetHandler default I would much rather have it work through RT auth instead of bypassing - But the matter is moot since that isn’t working either.The question is how do I get Mason to do the right thing and handle PDF’s or any other association I want to put in those directories? tia,Jason Maderios