Adding Custom Fields to QuickCreate Portal

RT 4.0.10

We are trying to add a customfield to the Quick Create Portlet on the RT Home Page.

We have a very talented pool of programmers on staff here but no one that knows Perl.

I did find this post:

We have spent hours trying to get it to work to no avail.

All we need to do is to add a pull down menu to the Quick Create portlet on the Home page.

This will allow the user to select a “Show” from a pull down list when creating the ticket. This is an important field to us.

I have added a custom field to do this using Create CustomFields and assigning it to tickets. That works great as long as one uses the New Ticket In option but the Quick Create Portlet is useless to us without this functionality.

I have seen on the net that maybe people are asking how to successfully do this and are desperate for a solution that works. Please can anyone help.

I am assuming I want to first create the CustomField through the Custom Fields Create option. That is no problem. I created one called Show, rendered as a Dropdown
I set it to apply to Queues.

I now want it to appear in the Quick Create Portlet so that when the tickets are created we have the ability to search on and report on, the custom field called “Show”