Adding custom fields on fly by user

Hello to everyone!

The case: I have to create new queue with multiple CFs. No problems here everything’s fine.

The problem: While travelling through queue’s lifecycle users sometimes have to add one CF (and it’s OK) but in some cases there could be 2-3 instances of CFs.

My workaround: Of course I can initially add many CFs and users would leave some of them blank (as on screenshot: Semi-finished product 1, Semi-finished product 2, Semi-finished product 3… etc).

The question: Is there any way to make an add CF button for a user? Just like in some online forms where you can add one item or multiple items in case you need it. As now we can have 3 Semi-finished products and tomorrow the quantity could be higher…

Many thanks!!

Hey there, maybe this extension will do what you want?

This plugin provides the ability to display/edit a custom field – called the “conditioned by custom field” throughout this documentation – conditioned by the value of another custom field – the “condition custom field

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Thanks! Saw this plugin before, studying its a bit complitaced description now :slight_smile:

The only problem this extension isn’t working on 5+ RT versions…

Not sure how well it works but there is a pull request here:

and the fork is here:

Maybe that will help…