Adding a custom ticket creation function

Hi there,

up until recently we’ve had a full time developer who took care of all
of our RT stuff, and now I’ve been lumped with a probably trivial
problem. I need to create a ticket creation function, very similar to
the standard one but it immediately sends the initial text of the ticket
to the requestors, and also does not trigger any template (e.g. autoreply).

The idea is that it would be called from a button very similar (in fact
right next) to the “New ticket in” button that is already on the home
page. I’d have to make it something like “New email in” or somesuch.
We’ve already got a similar function in a separate administration system
we use but I believe it uses the REST interface to do so, which
(although it seems logically possible) doesn’t seem like it should be
necessary to use from within RT. Likewise with using the RT command-line

I am guessing for starters I need to make a customised version of
Create.html and put it in the local customisations tree, but I’m not
sure of the specifics from there. Can anyone give me some pointers?


Hi Olivier,

I just stumbled across this (old) question, which is similar to what I would like to have — i.e., not to trigger the “On Create Autoreply To Requestors” template when using the “New ticket in” button, but do send out the ticket contents… Did you manage to get this working?

We have started to use RT 4.4.2 only recently, so I’m still finding my way in the system and Perl coding.

– Regards,


Hey Franky,

On the queue where you don’t want the to send out the Autoreply email, create an empty template called “Autoreply”. That will effectively disable that Scrip for that queue as RT won’t send out empty emails.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the quick reply. But unfortunately, what you suggest, will also disable the Autoreply messages when user’s submit a ticket by e-mail, right? I just want to disable the (default) Autoreply message when we (as staff users) create a ticket from the web-interface.

Therefore, I’m wondering whether we can distinguish between the System Conditions for “On Create Via Emal” and “On Create Via New Ticket Button”…

— Regards,