Add Watchers based on email subject line


We get email alerts from a few different monitoring systems and I want to add Watchers to the resulting tickets based on 1) the sender email, and 2) keywords in the email subject line.

For example, an alert email from with “Horse+Buggy” somewhere in the subject line should have RT group “HorseBuggy Admins” group added as a Watcher. But emails from anyone else with “Horse+Buggy” in the subject should not trigger that action.

What’s the correct direction I should go with this? A scrip? Should I specify User Defined conditions and results? Do I need to do some other back-end coding?

Is creating and maintaining groups even the best way to do this?

We’re using RT 4.4.1. I know some coding (VB, PowerShell) but not really Perl, though I’m willing to learn as need arises.