Add 'Resolved' Column into Queue List

Hello everyone,

I’m customizing RT before releasing it locally and I was looking at the Queue List, where we can find the fields ( New - Open - Stalled )

My question is, if we can add a new column there, such as ( Solved ) so that if someone wants to consult a solved ticket or simply review it, they can find it more easily.


Browsing through the settings I have not found anything, perhaps I am blind.
Also, consulting the main website of Best Practical I have seen in an image that they have an extra field, perhaps that is it.


The queuelist shows initial and active states iirc. You’d need to hack something into local to add an inactive state to the list

Is there no way to add that column in some configuration file? in RT 5.0.0

It seems a bit strange to me, since ‘Resolved’ is a ticket status, which can only be consulted if you enter your own profile.

I believe the reason you can’t do this without some hacking is because every ticket in your system should eventually end up in an inactive status. Meaning the homepage would need to get a count for every ticket initial, active and inactive each time someone loads the page

You could create a saved search “Solved tickets” and Add that to the default homepage if you wanted to