Add 'Nobody' as the first item in the owner list

Originally the code in SelectOwner sorted the users by name and then
added the user Nobody at the start of the list:

 my @users = sort { uc( $a->Name ) cmp uc( $b->Name ) } value  

unshift( @users, $RT::Nobody );

Later an extra sorting was added to sort the list by the displayed name:

 % my @formatednames = sort {lc $a->[1] cmp lc $b->[1]} map {[$_,  

$m->scomp(’/Elements/ShowUser’, User => $_)]} @users;

The attached patch re-adds the owner as the first item in the list.

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0002-Add-Nobody-as-the-first-item-in-the-owner-list.patch (1.17 KB)