Add/modify Username Format options?

In our environment, we have users spread over 50 locations. To make it
easier for the engineers, in our current 3.6.3 environment, I made a
local copy of ShowUserEntry that changed:


% if ($User->EmailAddress && $User->EmailAddress ne $User->Name)

to be:


% if ($User->EmailAddress && $User->EmailAddress ne $User->Name)

so that the Ticket meta data it would show "Last, First "
(saving us from having to memorize everyone’s first name and their

I’m testing 3.8.2 now and see that there’s now a preference per-user
regarding displaying the Username Format. The only choices are “Short
Names” or “Name and Email Address”.

The code providing the per-user preference setting of how to display
user names completely eclipses my rudimentary perl skills. Can anyone
point me in the right direction on how to add my own format selections
to this preference? (I’d like to add “Short Name and Organization”.)