Looking at we see a subroutine called ActiveStatusArray. This
uses @RT::ActiveStatus to populate an array with “an array of all ActiveStatuses
for this queue”. Am I correct in concluding that @RT::ActiveStatus is from at approximately line 511? I’m curious because I’ve added my
custom status to this array after ‘stalled’ but, under Quick search, each queue
does not include my custom status in its search query.

I’ve edited QuickSearch under share/html/Elements to include it so it does show
up as a QuickSearch column. However, linking to each queue via Quick search
only does a search for “…Queue =‘QueueName’ AND (Status = ‘open’ OR Status =
‘new’ OR Status = ‘stalled’)” when I expect to see “OR Status = ‘CustomStatus’”
after “Status = ‘stalled’”.

How, though, does one choose active statuses for a queue if the subroutine finds
active statuses for it? It seems that all statuses apply to a queue both active
and inactive.

I’ve edited both and to no avail. There clearly
isn’t a location where this is hard coded into a file with the exception of the
config files. So, why is my custom status not showing up in searches that rely
on @ActiveStatus in the config files?

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