Action creation for new emails


at my company we’re using RT and we are happy with it. Its making us
so productive.

However we would like to extend it to do the following:

Once a user sends an initial email with his problem to one of the
queues, we would like to get his details (phone, location, department)
and have that appended to the bottom of the email (not as an
attachment, or a additional email).

I know that I have to write a custom action. But how do I name it, how
do I call it, … ?

I’m stuck.

Now, I’ve got the O’Reilly book and I can see that a lot can be done
with RT. But it seems that the book is just a teaser, as opposed to
the manual. And similar with your Wiki.

So could you please help me out on this one, and give me a pointer on
how to go about doing this.

I can go mental, and just have a disgusting hack which checks the
emails via procmail and then quieries the DB and appends the info. But
that is just ugly and doesn’t utilise your package’s potential.

Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile: