ACL history


I need to know who and when granted a specific right to a specific
group. It seems like in the table ‘transactions’ only changes to group
properties are stored:

=> select type, field from transactions where objecttype= 'RT::Group’
and objectid= 13045;
type | field
Set | Description
Create |
(2 rows)

and the ‘acl’ table does not contain this information either:

=> select distinct delegatedby, delegatedfrom from acl where
principaltype= ‘Group’ and principalid= 13045;
delegatedby | delegatedfrom
0 | 0
(1 row)

Can anybody explain there the ACL history is stored? I use RT 3.6.7
and the database is postgres.


When is easy enough, just add a TIMESTAMP column. Who will require editing
RT guts.

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