Access API on RT 5 Configured with CAS Authentication

I have RT 5 server with CAS external authentication. Everything works fine except when I want to access stuff through API (/REST/2.0). It redirects to CAS authentication page. How can I add an exception for CAS to ignore the /REST/2.0 URL and just use local user account? I couldn’t find a base URL for REST 2 to add it on the web config file.

Are you using apache with mod_cas? I use:
SetEnvIf Authorization “(.*)” HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1
User a /REST Location directive.
Depending on the order of your directives in the apache config you may need to add a Satisfy

Thanks. I figured it out. For the Location block, I used “^/REST/*”. I also used Satisfy Any.


I would like to configure CAS authentication but I don’t know what to fill in, can you help me?