Hi All,

I’ve just installed Debian Sarge on a test box here, and wanted to
"apt-get install request-tracker3" but just noticed that RT3.4 is almost
out. I can wait until this is released before trialling RT here. Any
idea on roughly how far away the RT3.4 release will be?

I did try the deb package a few weeks back, but there seemed to be an
issue that there was no “rt” group created as per the “Manual
Installation” docs. I couldn’t get access to the RT webpage - I kept
getting (from memory) 500: errors, so decided to blow it all and start
from scratch.

Anyway, if there are any ideas as to what I may have b0rked on my first
attempt, feel free to enlighten me. As I said, I’m willing to wait
until RT 3.4 is released before trying again - RT is currently looking
like the best choice here, followed by Eventum (which, I must admit, is
a lot easier to install, however less feature-rich). RT is certainly
looking like the package of choice here.


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