About the queues in fetchmailrc


Do i need to set up this:


poll pop.example.org
protocol pop3
username support@somedomain password secretpassword
mda “/usr/bin/rt-mailgate-3.8 --queue Mattsson --action correspond --url http://localhost/rt/
no keep

poll pop.example.org
protocol pop3
username “login-of-supportcomment-mailbox” password “verysecretpassword”
mda “/usr/bin/rt-mailgate-3.6 --queue support --action comment --url http://localhost/rt/
no keep

for every queue I have created in RT? And same for comments?

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Do i need to set up this

Here’s what I did when I used fetchmail (FM):

poll exchangeserver.companydomain.dk proto imap:
username rt password secretpassword mda
"/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --url http://localhost --queue General --action
correspond --debug"
username rt-kommentar password secretpassword mda
"/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --url http://localhost --queue General --action
comment --debug"

I’m no expert in FM but I think this means you first tell FM which server to
poll, then which protocol to use. Then you give FM a list of accounts to
fetch mails from, and what to do with the mails. So you don’t have to set up
"poll" and “proto” for each mailadress, if they are on the same server.

But you have to have one line per mailaddress you want to fetch. And if you
want to use mail to create new tickets in different queues, you need one
email pr queue. For corresponding and commenting, you just use the addresses
you’ve set up in the SiteConfig. The comments/correspondence will be
attached to the correct ticket if the tag is in the subject, regardless
which queue it is in.

I’m also a newbie - so others can correct me if I’m wrong. But this what
I’ve gathered so far.

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