Abbreviate custom status names using lifecycles

We are adding some additional statuses via lifecycles to our instance and the QueueList summary by lifecycles is very wide horizontally and wastes a lot of screen space. Is there an easy way to replace the longer status names with an abbreviation?


Funnily enough we’ve just run into that - we’re having to tell folk to turn off the queues with the long list of statuses if they don’t need to see them (they have rights to the queue but might not use it very often). Looks worse if they have the queue list in the right hand bar.

Not found another solution to this yet, as it appears to be hard coded based on active statuses.


Since there was no callback defined for this, I copied share/html/Elements/QueueSummaryByLifecycle to local/html/Elements/QueueSummaryByLifecycle and added the following code to abbreviate the long statuses for display:

…th class=“collection-as-table”><% loc($status) %>

% my $shortstatus = $status;
% $shortstatus = ‘WoC’ if ( $status eq ‘wait_on_customer’ );
% $shortstatus = ‘WoA’ if ( $status eq ‘wait_on_approval’ );
% $shortstatus = ‘WoV’ if ( $status eq ‘wait_on_vendor’ );
% $shortstatus = ‘sched’ if ( $status eq ‘scheduled’ );

<% loc($shortstatus) %>