A way to know if a user is already looking a ticket I am in


I was wondering is there a feature or extension within RT to show when another user is already looking at a ticket I am in, as it is not uncommon for 3 people to reply to a ticket at once whilst not knowing the others are in there. We are on an older version 3.8.11.

Not that I know of, and it would be tricky as RT is web delivered. It would require some sort of regular polling to let the server know that a page is still being looked at.

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You may want to to look at


Correct. Web based resources like RT are known as “stateless”. This means, when you request a page from RT, it delivers it and goes away to do another request. It can’t monitor / update a page that it has already given you and give you notifications of what you are looking at in real time.

The rt-extension-ticketlocking is a good option, so it doesn’t allow for overlap work to be done on something you are handling.