A way to extract a field from email

I’m investigating a more sophisticated way of handling a todo list than
just plain a lone ticket for one todo item.

I’m hoping to have an automatic way of creating relationships between
emails sent to a queue.

Email sent to a queue could be either: Project or a TODO for a project.

So if I send an email with subject: “Project: Project x”

a new “project” (a ticket) is opened.

If I additionally have a tag (for example “TODO: QA Latest changes”) in
the body, another ticket is created and the relationship between the
"main" ticket is established with parents, children, depends fields?
What is the difference between those fields?

Is there a easier way? The subject of a email is relatively easy to
parse (well to a person with RT, Perl knowledge at least :slight_smile: But I’m not
sure about email body. Regular expressions?

How to search and set the relationship?

Any help much appreciated.


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Sorry, I found the right keywords for searching the list.

ExtractCustomFieldValues is the one that helps a lot.

But comments on the idea are welcome anyway.
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