A suggestion

I’m not sure if there’s an easy solution to this problem, or if perhaps it will
be solved in version 2, but I have a suggestion to make. We have an incoming
queue, thats set to auto-respond. Its set up as a ‘correspond’ queue in
mailgate. When we determine that it is an incident that should be investigated
(we use rt for security stuff)we transfer it to the incidents queue, which is set
up as a non-correspond queue. The problem is, when we get multiple reports, and
we merge them, customers get the auto-reply from the correspond queue. When they
send an email back, asking for status or whatever, a copy is sent out to all the
requesters of the merged request in the non-correspond queue. Is there some way
for mailgate to check what queue a ticket is now in, and correspond or not
correspond with requesters as the queue would indicate? In otherwords, if a
update for a ticket comes in on the correspond queue, but the ticket’s been
transferred to a non-correspond queue, no message is sent out to the requestors.
I realize this will be partially fixed with hierarchical requests in ver2, but
I’m wondering if there’s a easy fix now. Thanks!