A specific word not working in quick search


I have very strange problem, I am not able to search for specific word in Search (no result) but when I put that word in “Name” the tickets appear.

Even if search for Nam (without E) it works.

Any suggestion how to fix that?

Can you share what the query looks like, I am confused by the name bit


Neven - not working
“Neven” - working
Neve - working

By adding quotes you’re telling RT to do a full text search

Yes, but without quotes it works with every other word, for example

Emil or “Emil” - same 17 results
Neven - 0 results
Neve or “Neven” - same 337 results

Any explanations?

Search for tickets by entering id numbers, subject words “in quotes” , queues by name, Owners by username , Requestors by email address , and ticket statuses . Searching for @domainname.com will return tickets with requestors from that domain.

Any word not recognized by RT is searched for in ticket subjects.

Maybe that? Is it matching on subject?


I don’t see word Neven in any of that. I mean let say I have ticket named “Neven services down” and when I search Neven (without quotes) there is basically 0 results. If I place quotes “Neven” the ticket “Neven services down” appears immediately. It does not work for “quick ticket search”, when I place Query Builder with subject that matches Neven all ticket appear.

OK maybe I see the problem. When I search Neven (without quotes) the quick search tries to find tickets with creator neven (we have such user).