A little self-service help

To all,

We use LDAP to keep any and all non-privileged users out of RT. If you 

do not have an LDAP userid and password, you can’t get in the webui. On
the self-service side, I want to allow emails to be sent to an RT Queue
from our production scheduler when a job abends. I tried to add the
"From" address as a user to RT (so it would accept the email) and it
would not allow me to do that. I am stumped. Is there some other
privilege I need (other than superuser) in order to add users to RT. I
really didn’t think I’d have this problem. I was going to change “Group
Rights” for the queue to allow “Privileged” to create tickets, and by
adding the email address from the scheuler as a privileged user it would
work. Any suggestions?