A few questions

I am using RT 1.3.70. I am in the process of implementing it and I had a few
questions about how the various aspects work. Maybe some of these can be
included in a future FAQ. I apologize in advance for the shopping list of

  1. My understanding is that when a request is e-mailed in from a non-user,
    the non-user is setup as a non-privileged user. If that’s the case,
    shouldn’t I see that user in the user’s list.

  2. I don’t quite understand the difference between correspond and comment.
    Originally, I thought that correspondences get e-mailed back to the
    requestor and comments do not. However, it seems that either one of them can
    be. It all depends on what scrips are setup. It seems that it just allows
    you to categorize notes on a ticket under 2 categories and then trigger off
    of each one (OnCorrespond & OnComment). How does the ‘–action’ parameter of
    rt-mailgate play into this. Is it also just a means of categorizing in-bound

  3. What’s the difference between the AutoreplyToRequestor action and the
    NotifyRequestor action?

  4. It seems that most actions (in setting up scrips) have the action and
    also actionAsComment, like NotifyOwner and NotifyOwnerAsComment. What’s the
    difference between these?

  5. When keywords are implemented is the idea to create a list of words that
    can then be associated to a ticket. Meaning Create keyword 'Which Server?'
    and then within that keywords nest 3 keywords like ‘Server 1’ ‘Server 2’ &
    ‘Server 3’. Then when Creating a ticket I can select one of the servers?

  6. Can I customize the ‘New Ticket’ screen to include other fields that
    normally only appear once you’re viewing the details of a ticket. For
    example, can include the 'Start Date" field or keywords when creating a
    ticket by simply editing the HTML forms?

That’s about it. Thanks for a great product. Nothing compares to it. Keep up
the good work.

Eric Mandel

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