5.0.3 ResetPassword "make initdb" and CPAN


It looks like the installation instructions for the “Reset Password” extension are appropriate for building the extension from source, but I installed it from CPAN, and I’m not sure where I need to run “make initdb”. Could someone clue me in? Thanks.

The steps I usually follow are:

  1. SSH into the RT server
  2. Download the zip file from here “RT::Extension::ResetPassword - add "forgot your password?" link to RT instance - metacpan.org” using wget
  3. Unzip
  4. CD into the unzipped folder
  5. Run the commands specified in the installation section
  6. Edit any files as stated in the installation section
  7. Done


As noted in the README, run perl Makefile.PL. This will generate the makefile for you.

Except that you can’t do that with a module downloaded using CPAN, which automatically builds the module for you. @ALone seems to have the best answer. I am not sure why the extension is even in CPAN if it needs to be built manually, but that’s OK; I now know what I need to do to proceed.

Thanks to both of you for your replies.

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Yup. I’ve had that exact same problem. Anything that I get from CPAN that has a “make initdb” command in the install makes the CPAN install pointless. I have to download the source code, upload it to my server, unzip it, run the perl Makefile.PL, then make, then make initdb. If the CPAN install can’t do it all, that’s fine but it should really be made clearer to the admins on how to complete a setup of a CPAN module.