4.4.4 Beta2 - possible issue with new 'unescaped HTML' feature

Before I go over to -devel* and post anything there, I’d like a sanity check just in case…

I’ve created two new custom fields to apply to Articles. One is a plain ol’ boring Text area, which I’ve populated with some very basic HTML like

<h2>Submitting Good Reports</h2>

The other is a formerly-wikitext Custom Field that has been converted to include the RichText editor; and using its Code view, the same simple HTML was entered as the other field.

In both cases I’ve gone and unchecked the new “Escape HTML” option.

When including any article using either field into a ticket reply, the result is the same: the literal string

<h2>Submitting Good Reports</h2>

appears in the ticket body; in code view, it has become

&lt;h2&gt;Submitting Good Reports&lt;/h2&gt;<br />

Oops. I’ve tested this by re-enabling the “escape HTML” option, and in that case, including the article results in the old expected result of plaintext, i.e. appearing as just

Submitting Good Reports

when included into the ticket.

So: do I need to prepare or format or create a custom field in a specific way in order to have formatted text be the result when included in a ticket? Or is this just not quite working yet :).


Has anyone used this feature successfully? I’d love t’hear from you, if so.