3.8.1 - problem with saved searches

I tried the users list but had no bites. I’m far enough into debugging
the issue that I think it may be more appropriate here anyway so here

I’ve got 3.8.l installed on CentOS 5.2 that was upgraded from a 3.8.0
install. All of the saved search links on the ‘RT at a glance’ page are
having problems. The results show up properly in their regions on that
page but when I click on the link for the region to go to the
Search/Results page there are no results and when I go to 'Edit Search’
it looks like the query is URI encoded:

Wrong query, expecting a OPERATOR in

Doing some debugging in the Search/Results.html file, I also see that
it’s getting the query string URI encoded and passing it on to
/Elements/CollectionList. When debugging /Elements/CollectionList I see
that the query strings submitted from the ‘at a glance’ page are not URI
encoded (so they work properly) but the query strings from
Search/Results.html are. The string looks OK in the URL from the link.
I’m not sure where to look from here to figure out how the query string
gets from the args in the URL to what shows up as $Query in
Search/Results.html. Any hints?

I finally figured out my problem. The site was setup to use https: but
the default for $WebBaseURL in /opt/rt3/etc/RT_Config.pm is http:

Set($WebBaseURL, ‘http://’ . RT->Config->Get(‘WebDomain’) . ‘:’ .

To fix it, I just changed it to use https: in /opt/rt3/etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm:

Set($WebBaseURL, ‘https://’ . RT->Config->Get(‘WebDomain’) . ‘:’ .

I guess something in the rewrite from http: to https: was causing the
query string to be URI encoded twice. Not a very obvious failure mode…

David Good wrote:

I finally figured out my problem. The site was setup to use https: but
the default for $WebBaseURL in /opt/rt3/etc/RT_Config.pm is http:

Can you write this up and send it to rt-bugs@bestpractical.com ? That
way, the devs won’t lose track of it.


Shouldn’t matter what’s in RT_Config, you’re supposed to edit RT_SiteConfig.

SiteConfig acts an overlay, and Config acts dox of features and defaults.
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